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It’s out on 23rd December 2013


On Friday 20th December, shortly before the release of the single on new label Firehorse! Recordings, Rockhard Garçons and The Rock And Roll Wall Of Death will play a launch show at The Bees Mouth in Hove. Described as “intimate”, this means The Bees Mouth isn’t very big, but it will be special.


 Rockhard Garçons:

Is Avy, the leader, voice and former songwriter of Sharkboy, creator of two beautifully textured and cultishly cherished albums for Nude records in the Nineties. She broke up the band, then married (sorry boys), kept writing, kept playing and started recording again eighteen months ago. The best of fifteen years worth of songs are now resurfacing. “You Always My Hero” is the first. If you think it has an eerie, chiming, looping quality only accentuated by its scrawls of guitar, well, that’s your call.

The Rock And Roll Wall Of Death:

A band gathered around Marc Johnson, musically a perfectionist and a recluse. A man who has abandoned half a dozen different sounds he’d worked on for years because they became fashionable before he was satisfied with what he’d done. These endure now only in the memory of those lucky enough to have caught scarce live performances. “The Garden”, with its dreamlike sense of light glimpsed through mist, is a rarity: an of-the-moment snapshot of his work, which will otherwise have to be compiled on a 100-disc box set in due course.

The drummer on both tracks is Laurence Downes, which will be appreciated as a Good Thing by anyone who has ever seen Laurence Downes play.


“Rockhard” is a play on the French word for “shark”, “requin”.  The Rock And Roll Wall Of Death is in no way intended to be ironic. It’s what Mark thinks a band should sound like.

See you on the 2oth, wear white for free entry

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